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Rich Communication Services – Advantages and Disadvantages

Rich Communication Services – Advantages and Disadvantages

Activate recently published data that reinforces the fact that 30% of all mobile phone users extensively use two or more apps for the purpose of regular communication. Operators are now looking to RCS to lower these usage totals. RCS opens up a lot of possibilities for both marketers and consumers alike, as it is an advanced communication solution that can be utilized by third-party businesses and messaging users for a wide range of services.

Advantages of Rich Communication Services

  1. Reach a targeted audience – It is necessary for organizations today to streamline and standardize their marketing strategies so that their marketing has a much more direct and effective impact on revenues. By utilizing RCS, organizations can now access an advanced method of communication by only reaching customers who are most likely to respond to a particular organization’s marketing campaigns.
  2. Real-Time updates – Customers are much more satisfied if there is a constant channel of communication with them. RCS helps organizations to provide real-time updates like order confirmations and product announcements.
  3. Chatbots Integration – Brands like the Australian Open and Domain have already shown inclination towards adopting chatbots into different aspects of their interaction with their customers and they have also yielded great results. The result of renowned brands using Chatbots has helped this technology to grow in popularity. However, it should be noted that to use chatbots it is necessary to be heavily reliant on social media channels. RCS comes with the full functionality to integrate chatbots into an organization’s communication pathway with its customers. Brands are now successfully able to bypass third-party platforms and are extensively using bots to provide real-time responses to customers.
  4. Seamless digital experience – Google’s Early Access Program is already letting developers come up with ideas and solutions to perfect the capabilities of the RCS domain, even so, RCS has all the capability and potential to make the digital experience hassle-free for both the consumer and the business.
  5. Additional Consumer Benefits – RCS allows consumers to send better quality images and comes with superior group chatting capabilities. It also lets consumers access a number of in-call and post-call features.

Disadvantages of Rich Communication Services

  1. Necessity of a back-end entity It is impossible to organize and execute a campaign independently, as there is a need for a developer to program the back end. This in some cases also imposes a financial burden.
  2. Not cost-effective The cost of RCS is still in the process of being finalized. Based on the size of the target audience, it is often found that the cost of sending RCS messages often burns a hole in an organization’s marketing and advertising budget.
  3. No end-to-end encryption RCS has failed to be a medium for the exchange of sensitive information. With no end-to-end encryption, RCS suffers from major privacy issues. However, the operator channel used for RCS is a pretty secure channel.
  4. iOS non-compatibility   It is impossible to reach customers on an iOS device as RCS messages are incompatible with iPhones. There are alternatives but those alternatives have not proved to be as effective as RCS.
  5. Impossible to track RCS users Since many different operators deliver RCS services, it is impossible to track who has sent a particular RCS message.