Enabling Startups to grow

We have a long history of working with startups in their initial phases of growth and helping them see successful exits. We have worked with startups at various stages of funding and we provide a flexible working model tailored to the immediate needs of the startup.


Working with Start-Ups


Engagement with startups can occur in various modes:

  • As a strategic partner, we jointly participate in product conceptualization and development and share the risk
  • As a development partner, we provide an immediate bootstrap of development resources and participate in the risk
  • As an extended software development arm that brings immediate benefits of skilled resources at lower costs

Strategic Partners

As a strategic partner, we bring to the table our expertise in the area of mobile communications, VLSI, Embedded systems and Enterprise applications. We can contribute in product conceptualization, architecture and design as well as development and testing of the final product. We also help startups in peripheral issues such as design of their website, setup of basic development environment comprising of source control system, bug reporting system and project management system.


You can try us immediately with a free engagement for

  • Internet based research on your product
  • Evaluation of your product design or architecture